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This Indenture made and entered into this
fourth day of December in the year 1830
Between Isaac White of the County of Albermarle
of the first part, Lucy D. Camden wife of Jordan
P Camden of the second part and John
[Hales?] of third part, the two latter of the County
of Henrico_ Whereas the said Jordan P. Camden
by his deed dated the 15" day of December 1824
and recorded in the clerks office of Henrico County
Court on the seventh day of March following
did convey to the said Isaac White in trust
for the benefit of said Lucy D. Camden a
negro man slave named Ben, and two female
slaves named Nancy and Suckey, with power and
authority to said Isaac White at any time
when thereto requested by her the said Lucy D Camden to
convey by proper and legal means the said slaves
or either of them to any person or persons in such
manner and upon said trust and conditions as she
the said Lucy D Camden shall direct_ and whereas
the said Isaac White hath removed so as to render
it difficult for him to perform the trusts & conditions
confided to him by the said deed, and the said
Lucy D Camden hath requested the said Isaac
White to convey to the said John Hales the property
aforesaid upon the same trusts + conditions as

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