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First NameMiddle NameLast NameAliasRegistration numberDate of registrationDate of certificationAgeGenderColorHeight- FeetHeight - InchesMarks or scarsEye colorDescription of hairSpeechFree statusWhere emancipatedWho emancipatedPrevious place of registrationDate of birthPlace of birthName of motherColor of motherFree status of motherName of fatherFree status of fatherName of spouseFree status of spouseName of childrenName of clerkAdditional information
EzekielStewart2231814-08-081814-08-0829MaleLight Brown57A scar on the upper part of his forehead at the hairlineborn free/free born
CharlesMorris2241814-08-081814-08-0818MaleBrown58.5Noneborn free/free born
AggyHarris2251814-08-081814-08-0818Black411Scar on forehead over the left eyebrowborn free/free born
JeremiahMayo2261814-08-081814-08-0826MaleDark Brown52.5Scar on right eyebrow and one on hollow of the right footemancipated by decree
JepeTanner2271814-09-121814-09-1231MaleBlack56.5Scar or mark on left cheek boneemancipated by decree
SamuelBowman2281814-09-121814-09-1221MaleBright Mullato510Scar or mark on left cheekborn free/free born
PollyFrancesGary2291814-09-121814-09-1231FemaleBrown51.5Scar on upper part of the breast near the throat on left sideborn free/free born
GabrielMorris2301814-09-121814-09-1238MaleDark Brown56Scar on each of his armsborn free/free born
MaryMorris2311814-10-101814-10-1050FemaleYellow55.5Scar on forehead bushy hairborn free/free born
NacyMorris2321814-10-101814-10-1028FemaleYellow54Bushy hair no marksborn free/free born
FrankeyMorris2331814-10-101814-10-1020MaleBrown51No marks or scarsborn free/free born
ArcherMorris2341814-10-101814-10-1029MaleDark Brown511No marks or scarsborn free/free born
SallyMorris2351814-11-141814-11-1444FemaleBrown55.5Black spot under her lipemancipated
WilliamAba2361814-11-141814-11-1435MaleBlack52Scar on his right eye scar on left side of his foreheademancipated by will
SterlingMann2371815-01-091815-01-0955MaleBrown61No marks or scarsemancipated by will
JamesThomasBarber2381815-01-091815-01-0917MaleYellow510Scar on his forehead and one on his right [illegible]born free/free born
James[illegible]2391815-02-131815-02-1351MaleBrown59.5Scar on the left shinemancipated by decree
WilliamValentine2401815-03-121815-03-1226MaleBrown511.5Scar on right ar, left hand, scar on right side of foreheadborn free/free born

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