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First Name Middle Name Last Name Alias Registration number Date of registration Age Gender Color Height- Feet Height - Inches Physical description Free status Where emancipated Who emancipated Previous place of registration Date of birth Place of birth Name of mother Additional information
John Brown 1 1804-05-21 34 Male Black 5 10 Scar under left his eye emancipated Goochland County John Brown "Emancipated in the County Court of Goochland"
Judith Howell 2 1804-09-17 53 Female Black 5 7 Mole on left side of breast or shoulder no apparent mark or scar on her face head or hands born free/free born
Judith James 3 1804-09-17 22 Female 5 5 Burn on left hand born free/free born
Harris Nichols 4 1804-09-17 26 Male 5 9 no apparent marks or scar on his face head or hands born free/free born

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