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First NameMiddle NameLast NameAliasRegistration numberDate of registrationDate of certificationAgeGenderColorHeight- FeetHeight - InchesMarks or scarsEye colorDescription of hairSpeechName of motherColor of motherFree status of motherName of fatherFree status of fatherName of spouseFree status of spouseName of childrenFree statusWhere emancipatedWho emancipatedPlace of birthDate of birthPrevious place of registrationName of clerkAdditional information
JohnMoss51804-09-181804-10-1522MaleMulatto55.5Old burn on neck, scar of old cut above forefinger on left hand, scar of old cut on middle finger on left handborn free/free born1781-11-00W. Miller
LettisJames61804-10-121804-10-1555FemaleDark brown51Small scar on right armShort black curled hair intermixed with greyemancipated by deedGoochland CountyJames HunnicuttWilliam MillerEmancipated by deed of manumission dated October 21, 1782. Stout build.
EdyJames71804-10-121804-10-1535FemaleDark brown52Scar on forehead, scar from burn on back of left handBlack curledemancipated by deedGoochland CountyJames HunnicuttWilliam Miller"Thin visage" (thin face). Emancipated on October 21, 1782

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