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First Name Middle Name Last Name Alias Registration number Date of registration Date of certification Age Gender Color Height- Feet Height - Inches Marks or scars Eye color Description of hair Speech Name of mother Color of mother Free status of mother Name of father Free status of father Name of spouse Free status of spouse Name of children Free status Where emancipated Who emancipated Place of birth Date of birth Previous place of registration Name of clerk Additional information
John Moss 5 1804-09-18 1804-10-15 22 Male Mulatto 5 5.5 Old burn on neck, scar of old cut above forefinger on left hand, scar of old cut on middle finger on left hand born free/free born 1781-11-00 W. Miller
Lettis James 6 1804-10-12 1804-10-15 55 Female Dark brown 5 1 Small scar on right arm Short black curled hair intermixed with grey emancipated by deed Goochland County James Hunnicutt William Miller Emancipated by deed of manumission dated October 21, 1782. Stout build.
Edy James 7 1804-10-12 1804-10-15 35 Female Dark brown 5 2 Scar on forehead, scar from burn on back of left hand Black curled emancipated by deed Goochland County James Hunnicutt William Miller "Thin visage" (thin face). Emancipated on October 21, 1782

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