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First NameMiddle NameLast NameAliasRegistration numberDate of registrationDate of certificationAgeGenderColorStatureMarks or scarsEye colorDescription of hairSpeechName of motherColor of motherFree status of motherName of fatherFree status of fatherName of spouseFree status of spouseName of childrenFree status (how emancipated / born free)Where emancipatedWho emancipatedPlace of birthDate of birthPrevious place of registrationNotes
SusanHall11850 July1850 Sept 922FemaleBright mulatto5' 6"no particular scar of mark about her head, face or handsBorn freeWestmoreland County
LouisaPeirce21850 July1850 Sept 921FemaleBright mulatto5' 2"with a small scar on the left wristBorn freeWestmoreland County
WilliamTate31850 Sept1850 Sept 2422MaleTawney complexion5' 10"one small scar on the left jawBorn freeWestmoreland County
RussellLucas41850 Sept1850 Sept 2422Maledark mulatto6'small scar on the forehead and one on the left handsBorn freeWestmoreland County
SamKelly51850 Sept1850 Sept 2422Maleblack man5' 6"numerous scars about the face, caused by smallpoxBorn freeWestmoreland County
ElizaAnnSmith61850 Sept1851 Oct 1621Femaletawney complexion5' 3 1/2"no particular scar about the face or handsBorn freeWestmoreland County

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