Status: Complete

First NameMiddle NameLast NameAliasRegistration numberDate of registrationDate of certificationAgeGenderColorHeight- FeetHeight - InchesMarks or scarsEye colorDescription of hairSpeechFree statusWhere emancipatedWho emancipatedPrevious place of registrationDate of birthPlace of birthName of motherColor of motherFree status of motherName of fatherFree status of fatherName of spouseFree status of spouseName of childrenName of clerkAdditional information
WilliamRonallPride921renewed from 688
BenjaminWhitesides9221845-10-035.5renewed from 834
RobertRichardson9231845-101845-10-0423Maleyellow complexion58a scar on the fore finger of his left hand one on the right side of his neck a small mole on his lip [struck: under] below the left nostrilborn free/free born
WilliamFurguson9241845-101845-10-0621Malelight yellow complexion59.25has a large scar on the left side of his mouth a small scar on his forehead over the left eye a small scar on the fourth finger of the left hand one other on the 1st finger and one other on the back of the same hand a small scar on his chin near the mouth the nail of the fourth finger of the right hand deformed and a black mole on the [struck: left] right cheekborn free/free born
MarthaMerchantMartha Jenkins9251845-101845-10-1833Femaledark brown complexion56scar on the ball of her thumb of the left hand two small scars on the back of the right hand near the nuckles a mole on the back part of the right wrist, and around the right eye blackened by a [iron]born free/free bornBilly Merchantchildren: Thomas, Mary Frances, Judy Ann
ThomasMerchant1845-1010Martha MerchantBilly Merchant
Mary FrancesMerchant1845-102Martha MerchantBilly Merchant
Judy AnnMerchant1845-100Martha MerchantBilly Merchant

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Height is listed but I cannot determine what the numbers are

Lydia, LVA

I checked the original and it appeared to be written as 5 5 1/4/12. It's hard to say if the clerk meant that the second number was in inches. I rounded to the nearest quarter foot.