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First NameMiddle NameLast NameAliasRegistration numberDate of registrationDate of certificationAgeGenderColorHeight- FeetHeight - InchesMarks or scarsEye colorDescription of hairSpeechName of motherColor of motherFree status of motherName of fatherFree status of fatherName of spouseFree status of spouseName of childrenFree statusWhere emancipatedWho emancipatedPlace of birthDate of birthPrevious place of registrationName of clerkAdditional information
PeterSigon (?)281806-09-081806-09-0825Black510Noneborn free/free born
MaryMorris291806-09-081806-09-0842Yellow55 1/2a scar in her forehead bushy hairborn free/free born
SalleyMorris301806-09-081806-09-0836Brown55 1/2a black spot on her lipborn free/free born
NancyMorris311806-09-081806-09-0820Yellow54none bushy hairborn free/free born
IshamMartin321806-09-081806-09-082353a scar under his left eyeborn free/free born
ZachariahMartin331806-09-081806-09-082153a mark on his left hand & a scar over his left eyeborn free/free born
JamesHunnicutt341806-09-081806-09-0824nearly black53noneborn free/free born
NancyAlvis351806-09-081806-09-0827Dark mulatto57spare male with short bushy hairborn free/free born
CatherineBundy361806-09-081806-09-0825Brown mulatto54with holes in her ear & small scar on the back of her left handborn free/free born
SamJohnson371806-09-081806-09-0822Dark brown56a Scar on his upper lip about the left corner of his mouth, several warts on his left thumb, & a defect in the nail of his left little fingerborn free/free born
JohnWilliams381806-10-131806-10-1323Brown57Several scars on each cheek and one on the left side of his headborn free/free born
PeterStewart391806-10-131806-10-1355Bright mulatto59noneborn free/free born
Daniel401807-01-121807-01-1352Dark brown57A scar on his upper lipemancipatedJno Baker (inspector)
Oliver411807-05-111807-05-1125Dark brown58A scar on the back of his left hand, and another on his noseemancipatedJno Bakcr (inspector)
LucyMorris421807-07-131807-07-1325Yellow56No apparent scar or markborn free/free born
WmDouglasMorris431807-07-131807-07-1322Yellow52 1/2A scar on his right shin, & one on the out side of his left legborn free/free born
AmeyBridgwater441808-05-0924Black52A scar on her right arm and another on the left side of her face, near her earemancipatedThomas Bridgwater
BetseyBridgwater451807-07-131807-08-1018Black5No apparent scar or markborn free/free born

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