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NATIONAL GUARDS. ---All white.
Organized in Covington, Virginia, by Captain Richard F.
Bierne, and saw service on the Mexican border; were mobilized
on July 25, 1917, for service in World War.
On September 24, 1917, they left for Camp McClellan,
Anniston, Alabama, sailing on September 26, 1917, for France.
The personnel of Company H. follows:
Captain. Mechanics.
Burnham, Albert S. Gilbert, Carl R.
Hood, Ernest R.
1st. Lieutenant.
Ewell, Nathaniel M. Musicians.
Cooke, Horace G.
2nd. Lieutenant Lindsay, James U.
Grubert, Reese T.
1st. Sergeant. Alderman, Oscar W.
Terry, Joseph F. Allen, John W.
Anderson, McKinley
Mess Sergeant. Armstrong, Lubie L.
Dunlap, Morris J., Jr. Bass, Thomas R.
Bayne, Mack C.
Supply Sergeant. Beckner, John L.
Lam, Bedford C. Blake, Luther J.
Blakey, Adolphus
Sergeants. Bowling, Braxton W.
Richter, Swepson J. Bray, Russell L.
Brinkley, George C. Bryant, Charles P.
Kincaid, Edwin Bunch, Clarence L.
Leffel, Alvey R. Byers, Henry Douglas
Breeden, Claude Byers, Hobson A.
Tyree, Berlin A. Byers, Kenneth Roy
Campbell, Benton K. Callaghan, Wamer J.
Carson, Charles L.
Corporals. Carson, Elmer L.
Flippo, Walter A. Carson, George F.
Arbogast, Mead Carter, John L.
Brisendine, Nokomus Chambers, John M.
Ehrhart, George Chaplin, Malcolm T.
Coleman, Charles A. Clark, Charles L.
Deeds, Acil A. Clifford, Leo M.
Lawrence, Milton D. Collins, John V.
Lugar, Frank J. Crawford, Harvey T.
Lowman, John H. Crowder, Jack
Hudlow, Russell W. Crowder, McKinley
Hinty, Cecil G. Dame, Earl
Patterson, Lincoln (Sink) Damewood, Osie Carl
Rickett, Harry H. Deaner, George E.
Seldomridge, Archie D. Dinges, Lester L.
Stone, Hollie D. Donovan, Harry S.
Doyle, Garnett L.
Cooks. Dressler, Benjamin E.
Archondethis, Achileas G. Eades, Roy G.
Chames, Louis B. Edwards, Osborne Y.
Van Devander, Letchard A. Ferrell, Albert M.
Fisher, Hansford

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