What was your attitude toward military service in general and toward your call in particular?: Life was what you made it.

What were the effects of camp experiences in the United State upon yourself -- mental and physical?: Mental effects - none.
Wonderful development physically.

What were the effects upon yourself of your overseas experience?: In the past I had not appreciated my mother country as I should. I was in nine European countries.

What effects, if any, did your experience have on your religious belief?: no change in belief.

If you took part in the fighting, what impressions were made upon you by this experience?: I was in (four crossed) 3 battles and over the top 4 times In the future my love for war will be the greater the distance the greater the love.

What has been the effect of all these experiences as contrasted with your state of mind before the war?: I am a stronger believer in universal training.

Photographs-- If possible enclose one taken before entering the service and one taken afterwards in uniform, both signed and dated.

Additional data:

Signed at (place): Medicine Lake Mont

on (date): Aug 10th

year: 1920

(full name): Winfred Porter McDaniel

(rank): Captain

(branch of service): U.S.D.C.

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