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What was your attitude toward military service in general and toward your call in particular?: Am not averse to military service and unbegrudgingly volunteered under the Flag of my country But I feel (and if I mistake not a large majority of my comrades do also ) that wars and military service in the future could be made remotely improbable if nations should deal more honestly with one another + secret diplomacy be abolished

What were the effects of camp experiences in the United States upon yourself -- mental and physical?: Camp Life at first has a tendency to make one peevish and irritable After a time you become resigned and try to make yourself comfortable whatever the conditions

What were the effects upon yourself of your overseas experience?: It produced in me a deeper devotion to my home + country and a keener appreciation of its far superior conditions especially morally and industrially

What effects, if any, did your experience have on your religious belief?: My belief is unchanged and am more thoroughly convinced of the importance of trusting absolutely in God and in striving to do his will

If you took part in the fighting, what impressions were made upon you by this experience?: Was engaged in no land fighting was under attack by submarines twice Naturally for the time being your hatred for the enemy is intensified otherwise you feel no different from other occasions in which you are exposed to danger

What has been the effect of all these experiences as contrasted with your state of mind before the war?: My war time experiences enable me to more willingly make sacrifices and possibly be more charitable toward my fellow men also am inclined to feel that the land for which I fought owes me a decent living if I work and a reasonable measure of the comforts of life

Photographs-- If possible enclose one taken before entering the service and one taken afterwards in uniform, both signed and dated.

Additional data: enclosed photo was made in March 1919

Signed at (place): Hilton Village Warwick Va

on (date): Nov 3rd

year: 1919

(full name): Floyd Lafayette Webb

(rank): Coxswain

(branch of service): USA

The information contained in this record, unless otherwise indicated, was obtained from the following persons or sources:: F.L. Webb (personally)

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