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presentation of the subject. But that
makes no difference.
Now I want that poem
for the [Midwinter newsl? - do you
see what is doing with the
Century. How long since the
Attarbie has published such
a number as the [nonwith] Century?
I had your name & your printed work at
the Midwinter No. Won't you
[lack] on a a fellow!
By the way - I handed that
part of your note about the Church
to St. Eggleton - [the must [.cork] not
for [Osen] in the bylaws. [Byeston]
bought him to the Benting club &
might to the Authors: so might Miller
or Fawcett. Must [ask] some are grant
persmission - & might not [suppose] [characters]
like Waldo be guarded against. If I am wh
forced to meet such a swindler - no church forgive. Faithfully R.W.G.

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