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30 Ipswich Street
May 28, 1930

Dear E. R. L.

In view of the unusual
origins of your name I am glad
to make this MS for you,
though I am generally obliged
to refuse such requests. After
some rather heart rending appeals
for manuscripts, I have never before
now seen the same manuscript
for sale - which doesnt make me
think any better of mankind.
I forgot to use the stamp that
you enclosed, for which please
excuse me. The quotation you
suggest might look a bit naive
over my signature.

I am sending you an English
edition of Cavenders House, which
you may like to have.

Yours sincerely
E. A. Robinson-

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"an English edition of Cavenders House": Possibly the Hogarth Press edition of E.A.R.'s "Cavender's House," published in 1930, the year after the trade edition printed by Macmillan.


"E.R.L.": Probably Edwin Robinson Leippert, whose real name was James George Leippert (1909-1964) and who later adopted the pseudonym Ronald Lane Latimer, under which he founded the Alcestis Press in 1934. Leippert had informed Robinson in an earlier letter his family had named him in tribute for E.A.R., hence Robinson's remark about "the unusual origin of your name."