Letter from Edwin Arlington Robinson to Esther Willard Bates

This is a scanned version of the original document in the Abernethy Manuscripts Collection at Middlebury College.

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328 East 42 Street February 11, 1927

Dear Miss Bates

I believe there is something in the accumulated wisdom of the world about better late than never, but [this must seem?] that it always [is awful?]. It's a long time, in one way of looking at it, since Christmas, and your [remembrance?], along with your brother's able poem (I have told you before he is an able poet) should have been acknowledged long before this. Many thanks, all the same, - I am [] [?] your [?] and hope sincerely that [?] is not suffering. Does his condition alter your plans from going abroad together?

Yours always sincerely

E.A. Robinson

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