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257 West Newton Street
May 18, 1932

Dear Miss Bates

Monday will be all
right and I'll meet you at
6.19 and get tickets for
the Pops. If anything should
happen to prevent your coming,
please telephone Kenmore 2836
any time after three o'clock.
I hope sincerely that your
sister will have no ill

Yours very truly

E.A. Robinson

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"the Pops": The Boston Pops Orchestra, of which Robinson was a fan. See letter to Renee Ledoux, 2 June 1918, in Selected Letters of Edwin Arlington Robinsons (Macmillan, 1940), where E.A.R. mentions attending a concert. On Monday, May 23, 1932, the Pops concert honored "Harvard Night" (Robinson was a Harvard alumnus). The musical program included the "Cruiser Harvard" March, the Overture to "Oberon" (Weber), seven selections by the Harvard Glee Club (including a favorite of Robinson's the Chorus from "The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan), Holst's "St. Paul's Suite," "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin, Strauss's "Do and Do" Waltz, and Wagner's "Prelude" to Act III of "Lohengrin" (Wagner was another composer Robinson favored).