Letter from Edwin Arlington Robinson to Esther Willard Bates

This is a scanned version of the original document in the Abernethy Manuscripts Collection at Middlebury College.




Room 411 30 Ipswich Street

Dear Miss Bates,

Many thanks for your kind contribution to my pomological education, which had been strangely neglected. The package was welcome and pleasant. Before long I hope you will have dinner with me in town, and perhaps some sort of show. The proofs of "Matthias" will be coming in a few days, and I hope they won't make me sad that you won't want to see me.

Yours sincerely

E.A. Robinson

[in upper right corner, in a hand not Robinson's, "May 17 1930" is written in pencil, and beneath the address "[May 17, 1930]" is written in pencil in a hand also neither Robinson's nor that of the preceding annotation]

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[postmark:] "BOSTON, MASS. C / MAY 17 / 10-PM / 1930"

Miss Esther W. Bates 108 Forest Street Wellesley Hills Massachusetts

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