Letter from Frederic Jesup Stimson to Joseph Marshall Stoddart

This is a scanned version of the original document in the Abernethy Manuscripts Collection at Middlebury College.

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[letterhead]: STATE BOARDS OF COMMISSIONERS FOR PROMOTING UNIFORMITY OF LAW IN THE UNITED STATES FRED JESUP STIMSON, Secretary. 53 State Street, Boston. Rd. "Lippincott's Magazine" Feb 1 Dear Mr Stoddart I will enclose the story "The White Magician" as it seems not made over 3000 words. The plot is true; the copy is in bad shape as I have been working & combing over the MS. to make the plot unmistakably clear. If there is still any [ ? ity], do let me know. But it is rather a shorts than a narrative! I have been working for some years on a short novel, about your [worthy ?] length - & at the same time on a long romance. But what would the short one - say 50000 words - be worth you ? I work while awaiting a committee so pray excuse its [ ? ery] - F. J. Stimson [in pencil "J. S. of Dale"

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