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Savannah Jany. 2nd 1847
Dear Mother
I arrived here last night, after a
very pleasant passage of four days and as many
nights. found Floyd in good health, his cough
nearly gone. This is a very pleasant city, and
I hope to enjoy myself in it greatly- he says I
must board with him at the Pulaski.
I shall not commence work until monday;
my business then will be receiving and deliver
ing Cotton. It is so warm here as to make
it very uncomfortable standing in the sun-
shine, the inhabitants complain that it is
warmer than usual for the season. Floyd
comes in and tells me to remember him to all
of you and say that he is quite well. I did
not see much of the country coming out here, as
I passed nearly all the cities in the night; the[loss]
we stopped in Baltimore two hours by day-light
yet I happened to have a slight headache and
therefore did not run about any. I enjoyed my-
self exceedingly in New York - Grand-mother
is certainly a very nice old lady and Bobby
is as interesting as ever; Lucy was very kind and
rigged out my handkerchiefs in great shape.
There were two negroes found yesterday here, secreted
on board a British Brig about sailing for home

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