Letter from Henry Stephens Salt to Fred S. Piper

This is a scanned version of the original document in the Abernethy Manuscripts Collection at Middlebury College.




21 Cleveland Row, Brighton, Sussex, England. February 14, 1937

Dear Dr Piper, I am sorry to have been so slow in answering your letter of Jan. 10; and to be obliged to plead, even now, for some indulgence! Old people are often a great trouble, with accounts of their health; and I may have told you once, or more then once, how about five years ago when I had passed the age of eighty, I had a sort of stroke, which left my mind unaffected, but injured my memory badly, and made me physically weak. (Forgive me if I am repeating myself). The point is, that I have lately had rather a bad time with "throats", and have been unable to write much: I am writing this in bed. Well; at 85, one feels that there is not much more to come; indeed, I wish it were over.

I have to thank you for the account of your travels; and I was pglad to hear of [your son's?] sucess at Concord.

As to Prof. Adams's biography of Thoreau, I begin to doubt whether I shall see it! I think your suggestion as to the cause of the delay is very probable; but why does it still tarry?

Yrs Most Sincerely, Henry S. Salt.

[left margin] I shall write again when circumstances are more favorable.

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[Envelope postmarked "Brighton & Hove Sussex 7 p.m 14 Feb 1937]

Mr Fred S. Piper, M.D 20 Clarke Street Lexington Mass. United States, America

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