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My dear Sir
I have hopes of beating Perry and of reaching
the North Pole. A day or two after I had the pleasure of seeing
you, I went in quest of Bentham's house. I had seen it once
and flattered myself into being able to find you. I got the
first cruise down with high expectations. The next time I
passed the Strait and got into the Polar sea but could
not reach the Pole. But the third and last time
I fairly [rapped ?] at Mr Bentham's own and found nobody,
a future that will be very likely to distress poor Parry that
his zeal and perseverance equal mine.
In plain English - I made two efforts to see you
before I got fairly into Bentham's Gulp, and when I arrived
you were in the country.
Shall I not have the pleasure of seeing you, again,
before you quit England?
Yours very truly
J. Fenimore Cooper

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