Letter from Thomas Treadwell Stone to George Willis Cooke, June 12, 1882

This is a scanned version of the original document in the Abernethy Manuscripts Collection at Middlebury College.

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Bolton June 12. 1882. Dear Sir, You are right in attributing to me the extract found in vol. 2. p. 382. Your letter { ?] me to look at it again, and has done something to illustrate the development of my thought from during a period of forty years in which I have been trying to gain clearer insight. Who the Friend is quoted on the right page, I do not know. The letter from Margaret Fuller was not one of [ ?] business, but rather giving true account of the Journal, particularly its origin with some "earnest persons", as she reported them. But I am sorry to say that I neither remember the [ ?] nor am able to say whether the letter is still in existence. If is be sure I can find it. I shall be very ready to put you in possession of it. My local position for years before and after 1840 makes it almost impossible for me to add any thing to your knowledge of the Dial as regards either its history or the reception it made. You know as well as I that it was laughed at not a little and sometimes more solemnly another time. Any question which you may propose, I will gladly answer, if I can. Your friend and brother, Thomas T. Stone Rev. George W. Cooke. Dedham.

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