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(Anorthite?) S.C = Student Collection R. 13
Mineville, N.Y.
1938 - present - Republic Steel Corp. Mineville, N. Y. - Port Henry {Republic Steel Co. Geol F. T. 1938-39 (still in operation in 1964) BMS
Mineville, N.Y. - Port Henry Geol Field Trip 1930 (Witherbee-Sherman) Spring BMS
Port Henry, N.Y. " " " " " BMS
Port Henry, N.Y. " " " " " "
Mr. C.B. Adams C.B. Adams coll.
Lake Superior Area? Ishpeming, Mich. B.M. Schmidt Summer 1926
Birmingham, Ala? or Clinton, N.Y. B.M. Schmidt Summer 1926
Port Henry, N.Y. G. K. Sherman
Salisbury = Conn. - 2 Specs. Adams Coll.?
[to C11?] - Marquette, Mich. O.N. 600? or 694? {#600 mammillary from Salisbury conn. Adams Coll. both (a + b)
N.H. Mr. Adams
Mineville, N.Y. concentrates [2?] or beach beach sand - mineville plant (Lake Champlain)
Mr. Adams
Cuttingsville, Vt. Mr. H. Ridlon
Sudbury Cobalt, Ont. with skutterudite green - Annabergite "nickel bloom." B. M. S. 1934 - summer
Sudbury, Ont. (Black = horite rock - B.M.S. 1926 Frood Mine.
Leadville, Colo. B. M. S. S.C. 1804 C42a Pyrite, pyritohedrons O.N. 1804 - S.C. Locality? Tenbrook Estate 12/44 by Dr Phil Mellen ([in. ad.?] Vt.)
Leadville, Colo. B.M.S. 1929 Summer

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