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One of my new recruits turns out non-confs - I
have made out papers for his discharge - & shall write
a letter to the Selectors who enlisted him giving my
mind - it is a shame - & he should not be credited
on their quota - I think I shall apply to
Washburn to that effect.

That nigger I sent Mary is a genius I
tell you - the picture is good - but dont expres
his character - I sent the same to Miss Bugby
much to her amusement -

I have received no letters from Henry or
Edward - I think Mr. Chillis is hurtkeeping
them from correspondence with us - Don't you?

In our drills the field officers are mounted -
I send a sketch of our house & our camp -
Wish you could come on & see it -

I have considered that matter of the bond, & am
in favor of getting it at once - Of course the coupons
should be cashed as fast as due, as gold must fall
to its normal condition some time -

With much love as ever
Aldace F. Walker

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