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Charleston March 15/66

Dear [?],

Enclosed please
find note against Wm Connor
for Twenty five dollars ($25.00) which
I loaned him to pay his fare home
the Steamer he came on put in here
to coal, he and some others went a
shore and were left he had no
money not a cent. And I deamed
it my duty to help him all though I know
what he is he says he has mony in
the Brattleboro Bank and will pay
you as soon as he arrives in
Rutland if you get it of him
please send it to Ma. I had to
borrow the mony. I have not had
pay in some time. My money
is invested in a Store up the
South Sauter and in due Bills which
makes me very short, I think he will
pay the note at sight if he does not you
can get it when the Regiment is
mustered out which will be soon
I think I may be home in a month or
two it is very sickly here the small pox
is very bad and on the increase
give my love to B[??] & May
please answer Truly Yours J A Quilty

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