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Head Quarters 2nd Division 6 Corps
January 5" 1863
Friend Eliza
How do you do no dont you
have forgotten me by this time but I still
think of thee what is the reason you do not
write me do you not rec my letters or have
you grown lazy - I have not received a letter
from you is sometime if you do not answer
this I will talk to you when I come home
What do you think of [Fredghns?]
and the fight - we got nicely whiped there
but are agoing to try it again We have
Orders to have 3 days [Rating?] in H.S.
and 8 in [S...?] we are a going to Cross
the River where where we did before
and Storm the Enemys possition and
take it if possible - I will write more
after the Battle. my health is good so
is [Stannards?] I am now at Hd Qs
[&?] the Din in the Office and like

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