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rebbels was quite a nomber
we have to work pretty
hard we have to go on picket
gard most every day some of
us the day that we was paid
of we had to go on picket
next day we come of we
had to march up to Langly
on the road to Lewinsvill
before suppoer went of in to
the field staid there a bout
half an hour dont know what
for unless it was to prot
ect the surveyers if
they was surveying any whe
re then we come back to
Camp got our super and
about 1 O clock in the night
marched up toward Falls --
Church we had got near there
when a shower of Bullets come
thicker & faster but fell
short of us our Caverly take
them to be rebbels & fired
in to them first continued next sheet

[left margin]
I pocketed that 3ct.. piece I have got postage on hand

[upside down top of page]
cant buy any thing as double what
it is worth

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