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June 8th '96.
My Darling Claire,
I have just read your
letter written the day after graduation
I could not help reading it to
Daddy, we both rejoice so much
in your success. what an honor
you have had, and a deserved one
concerning your invention - I
am so fond, darling, I shall
kiss your picture two or three times
extra tonight - I can smell
the roses, clear over here.
The letter heads are very imposing
I really can't get used to the
idea that such an important
personage belongs entirely to
me and I to him. But it
is a beautiful thought that
we chose each other not for wealth
or position or any earthly honor
but for pure love. I heard
a quaint pretty thought the other
day. I like to tell you all the
treasures I run across. " A baby comes
into the world with its little fist clenched,
clutching on to the life which is just
given to it - and a man or woman
dies with hands wide open, yealding [sic]
up the gift of life to the giver. " - That
thought touches me. Well, Sweetheart,
be of good courage, remember, I shall not
be disappointed at any thing - I have faith in you
and time brings all things - Your own beloved one.

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