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We had a fairly pleasant party last night. The Reads produced the usual generous supply of booze, & a really exquisite buffet supper. Frank came along, & was in tremendous form, having had the unprecedented sum of two baby Bass all in one evening.

We had a drink in the Grosvenor, & there ran into Col. Owen's wife. She told me that Zag had particularly asked for me, when war started, & had been very disappointed when I was not sent. If only I had been - how different everything might have been. Such small things seem to be able to alter the entire course of one's life.

About a baby darling - I do want you to start one too. Please see Mr Hughes or a doctor & find out if you are really ready to start. and then we should be able to try in May.

The situation certainly has changed - but the powers still seem to think that we shall carry through our summer programme.

The question of my promotion seems to have taken a further step forward - as I received a form to fill in today. 2/- per day extra will always help - & every extra pip seems to take one a bit further further away from the dangerous places. You had better not tell your father I said that - he might even send me a white feather.

Off to bed now sweetheart.

All my love & kisses -

I'm so happy that you enjoyed last weekend.

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