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Letter No 46 Wednesday -28 May Major J.H. Massey
6- Palestinian Coy. The Buffs
Middle East Force
My darling precious- I wrote + sent
off to you this afternoon an Air Mail letter card + now I must
get down to things + write you a decent long letter But as I said
this afternoon I cannot think at all while I am waiting for your
news I just have not the heart to prattle on But I know you
will want as much + as many letters from me as possible + so
I must do my best + try to be as interesting as I can- Then
when your good news arrives I shall just burst + I hope not
be able to stop writing
Another of your older letters popped up the day before yesterday the
time your no 16 of Dec 10th just 5 1/2 months It bears a Middle
East A.P.O. stamp 3d March + may very easily have been around
these parts long before that - so you see again what that
address has done for us It was in perfectly good condition +
might just have done an ordinary journey from London to
Bradford - so I am still hoping for nos 2, 3 ,4 , 6, 8, 9 , 10, 11
12, 17, 24, 27, ^28 + 30 to arrive they must constitute so much to
me to have them
Your letter was from Bishops start ford + said you enclosed a photo
of the party one week end but you did not enclose it darling
I do wish you wouldn't be such a one at forgetting things as I
have been looking forward for ages to having some new photos
of you But perhaps it will be in your 17th letter which is still
to come I started this before dinner + have just
returned There is a perfect new moon which I gazed at +
changed my money over + as you can guess it was not
difficult to know what to wish for Oh but I hope for news
Thursday May 29th And that was as far as I could get last night
I wa feeling so hopelessly miserable + sleepy + anxious + I was just
reading some of your old letters + looking at the wall in front
of me + I was in bed at 10.30 And now it is 7.15
in the morning + there has been another air raid alarm this
morning to get me up earlier than usual And so I will
work a bit more before getting washed + shaved + properly

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