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Letter No. 38. Thursday/ Major. J.H. Massey
1 May 41 / 6 Palestinian Coy. The Buffs
Middle EAst Forces
Darling Sweetheart-
Is it 10.30 at night, and too
late to begin a letter now. I was going
to write all tonight but what with one
thing and another, I had my supper down
here - then people kept popping in, and
phone rang and odds and ends of work
cropped up. I was reading Design
and Vision [until?]after my supper - and I
finished a letter I had begun to Frank
{??] - and I played games with
Peter - and felt generally restless. And then
I was going to write one of these, and
then I decided not to, and got half
undressed for bed. And now here I am.
The main reason for writing one these
is about money, darling. I cabled you and
wrote you that I should not want any
more until June. But I ran dry today
and so have put another [£]30 in my
a/c here, and am letting you know at
once. I am rather disappointed really,
as I had set my heart on keeping to
what I said. But there seem to have
been an awful lot of Mess bills the
last few weeks: and then a [sub?] to
our new Mess. And everything seems to
have run out, and worn out, or broken
the last week or two. It is incredible
how things add up - toothpaste, hair
and shaving cream, tooth brush, brushes,
batman, towels, [?] [?], mirror, sock,
suspenders , stamps, ink, writing paper,
torch matteries, crowns, laundry, haircuts,
soap, cables, cigarettes and a few beers. I have
been nowhere and done nothing otherwise..
My April allowances are still to come, so
the position is not so bad, really.
But I wanted you to know and
understand in any case, I am well
within my estimate of weekly expenditure.
I have been going to cable you every
day - I am so anxious to send you my
love and blessings. But every day, I expect
one from you, which would almost
certainly contain something I wanted
to reply to. I think I will tomorrow,
if nothing arrived.
This is May 1st, which would be very nearly
exactly one year since you arrived at
[?] Park. How lovely it was to
meet you at the station, and then drive
with you, in Frank's car, to the
caravan and calling at the little shop

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