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on the way to buy things and arrange
things. And how you loved the caravan
and the place it was in, when you
first saw it. They use [buta gas?] out
here quite a lot, and it makes me
feel impossibly homesick to hear of it.
If I were to smell it- I would
surely weep. I suppose, when we
were to happy together, it would have
been ridiculous to be always telling
each other about it - but now i feel
we should have done. I'm thinking
and concentrating so hard on being
back with you again - that I almost
feel something must happen soon.
I wish I knew just how quickly
these things arrived. My first one was
posted on March 5 - and I thought
one of your p.c.s would have
mentioned them. If they are just
as slows, they are not worth while.
Now to bed. thinking of my dearest
darling - and I hope to dream of you
sweetheart. The baby must be with
you now. Dearest love to you
both from your lover and father
Harry. XXXX.

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