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Letter no. 51 Sunday June 16 Major J. H. Massey
My own sweet darling/ 6 Palerinia Co.4 The Be_S
Middle East Force
I am trying to write you a letter.
I have so much to say to you, but trust
utilize one of the few left card, as they are
supposed to be so quick. You say in one
[p.s.] that they vary from 2-6 weeks, but I
think that ??? has been halted by
since ????. I had a marvellous
day today. I got a letter & 2 pcs. from you & a
letter from Vera. Your letter was no. 36 of 31
March. no. 35 haling arrived on 5th may. So
the spell has been broken again. I am
now missing your 24th written between
22-28 Jan; 27 & 28 between 5 & 25 Feb;
& 30 between 25 Feb. & 3 March. I cannot
think why they do not come in. & I
hope they are not lost. I still want to
hear if you liked the dressing gown & pants
& petticoat. & if you want me to get
that necklace & & your reply to my letters
from the ship never really materialised.
You must be more careful with the
address darling. One p.c. & the letter today
were correctly addressed- the other p.c.
just put No 6 Palestinian Coy & missed
out The Buffs. And on one you put my
Army number & not the other. I
have told you, my dearie, the No is
not necessary at all. And so will you
please just copy the address I put,
& never add & substract anything. Tar,
ever so. Vera's letter was lucky to arrive
It was sent to J.H.M. No GU382. She
must have just copied what you gave
her, & got the idea that it was not
allowed to put my name in full. She
says she wrote to me before, but that
one never arrived. It was a very
sweet & affectionate & ??? letter &
I enjoyed it. She called Martin the old
boy, & said he was a dear even though
she did nag him to death at times:
I bet they will always have a very soft
spot in their hearts for me. & that you
are a darling & one of the sweetest.
Did she tell you about Gordon & Jack
Walker ?£50,000 each. My God. & on top
of Janet's maney. Old Boy will stay
about the same. I should think, &
will still be seen in the Bulls ???
I borrowed a Leica camera today
darling. & bought a film of 36 shots
& went out to a lovely place with
Ben-Arzi; he took 25, & I will

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