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2. from you my sweetest. I think about you very passionately
very often - but never a single second does taht
make me want to go for any woman, lady, girl or
such like out here. That would be incidious & just silly
& also disgusting & horrible. Because I am thinking
of you & I get very worked up & excited & sad
& filled with longing for you, & then it passes off,
as it must do - until the next time I think
about you in such a way. Our life, & happiness & love
have been so perfect - & this is only an interval until
they are so & moreso again. I really believe we are
exceptional, & therefore exceptionally lucky. For example,
this man I lunched with yesterday, is 40 next
Monday, & really looks no more than 30. And he
says that the reason he looks so young, & his wife
at the age of 33, the same- is because they
has been married for 10years, & have been terribly
happy & contented. And yet, he was spending the
weekend with a girl in Haïfa - he told me of
a pretty nurse he slept with at Ismaia - &
he was going off to Beirut today, & had somebody
there. And he has his wife's tacit approval, for this
sort of thing - though I should not think to such
an extent. Well - What I mean is this - these
people have obviously been very happy & are going to
be so again. But I am quite certain that they
are never going to reach the heights & depths &
marvels of happiness that we do. This makes our
separation harder for us - but only in a way. I have
a very fine feeling about you & me, & painful

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