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4. in for a beer after dinner. And that is all - & shows just how social I have been in the last seven months. Its just about on the same scale of friend making that we achieved in Bradford district, isnt it darling? We both seem able to make very good & dear friends when we want to - but so very few of them. So Kenneth is having more leave, you said in your letter of Jul 30. The little pimp always seems to be having leave, or sick leave or more leave - it seems ridiculous to me, who has now been away from you for nearly a year. How disgusting of Peggy to laugh & be unkind when you feel upset. But then she is pretty stupid - she would have to be to marry Kenneth & remain satisfied with him. Gosh - I can understand you being dismayed at the idea of having to be in the same small house with him for a week. As you remember, I could never even talk to him for five minutes at a time.

Maxie sounds really lovely & you describe him beautifully. It is really very sad not to know one's own baby & to be with him when he is growing up from a fat little nothing into a fat little person & then a fat little boy. Please do go on telling me as much as you can about him when you write. It is really interesting & comforting - & I expect when I come home, we shall get acquainted very quickly if I have time to talk to him & look at him.

Your pc of 13 Aug at last told me that you liked the clothes & things I sent from Cairo

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