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6. really & I have enjoyed being able to just go up & see them whenever I wanted to, & sit down & have a drink & be at home. He is very pleasant. She is a bit [clingy?] & silly in some ways, but you wold like her. I told you in another letter - or maybe a L.G. - I would tell you some more of the priceless things she said. But it is rather unkind, & you do not know her anyway, & so I will leave them until I come home. Now darling - about your letter you had lost Jimmy's but it was all about shares & war loan & you told me what he said. In point of fact, I sent Jimmy an A.G. for speed, & suggested B C. & W.D shares, enough to have me eligible to be invited onto the Board - this just in the same or war loan - & asked him to advise you. I'm sorry he got it all wrong & you had to be so much worried - but it all seems to be done by now & it seems O.K. to me. And you enclosed Gladys' letter - as you say, she is a very staunch friend of mine. I hope to goodness she will not be browned off by Willy, & will still be there when I return. I did send her an A.G. - I must send another sometime I must stop & post this in the morning. This move of mine is very definitely interfering with my letter writing. My last letter having been sent off on Aug 29. But I shall push on & make up. All my love to you & Maxie - & sweetheart, all my kisses & all my hugs & love & passion to you always & forever & now, Harry.

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