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also very anxious to talk to him about you coming
out here. It was Nina's night at the Canteen & so
we arranged to have dinner at Pross & were joined by
Commander Uncle Warburton & another friend of Jack's in
the Navy. We picked up Nina at 10.0 & then went on to
a couple of Haifas gay spots - both pretty dull & beer at
2/6 a glass. But I must not really blame the places -
I would have loved going there with you. I'm not being
kind, but I could not & would not dream of enjoying
myself at any place without you. Round about 1.0 - by which
time I was getting pretty yawny & bored - we landed in
at the Commander's flat for drinks. He really is priceless -
I think I told you before that he was something to
do with films before the war. Anyway - have you ever
heard of a girl called Pamela Randall? She has
either just arrived as a film star, or is just about
to - & while Uncle is her sort of patron and/or
discoverer - & apparently her great admirer too. In his
room, he has an enormous photo, in colour, of the
gorgeous Pamela, in a lacy negligee, a most sexy
picture. it's almost like a shrine in the room.
And he has photographed the photograph & - postcard size-
& always carries a copy around with him. Jack tells
me he is quite harmless, & is a devoted husband & a
devoted father to a young man who has recently won
the D.F.C.

I had a serious talk with Jack about you coming out
here. I particularly wanted to talk to him, being in the
Navy & because he had got his own wife & a baby out
here during war - & also he is a very hard headed
& sensible sort of person & thinks before he speaks.

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