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His opinion is that the risk is not great, that he
himself would accept it. He pointed out that he allowed
his wife & baby to come & whereas they actually came
across France. He expected them to come by sea from
England, then through the Med. it being before Italy
came in. The risk is there, of course, but in his
position, he knows all about losses of ships & where they
happen & so on & is able to view the thing in its proper
perspective. Another piece of advice he had, was that if
you have to go & see the War Office, as Nina had to go
& see the Admiralty - go & see the highest up possible
person straight away & do not mess about with junior
people who know nothing & will only try & put you off
on account of their own ignorance. But I think that if
ever it comes to that, you will have received some
specific instructions from me unless, of course, you
decide to have an absolute bat at it & crash in & fix
the whole thing up yourself. I am going up to Jerusalem
this weekend to see Edwin Samuel & his wife & also
Shertok probably & I hope to goodness I shall find
out something then. I had rather a sickness the other
day when I was talking to an Assistant District Commissionaire
& he told me that wives were very much discouraged, but
were not prevented - but that children were not allowed
under any circumstances. He said he knew because he had
a wife & child in Australia. Oh dear, what a life, isn't it
darling! I am beginning to feel rather discouraged I'm
afraid. And I'm also afraid that I'm beginning to think
more & more of the risks for you & Max & I
might be sent away when you arrive & how difficulties
might arise when the war is over, about getting home
together, or even roughly at the same time.

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