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Khufu at May 19, 2022 11:27 PM



But I am not giving up yet, so please do not think
that. And anyway, the first string to my bow, is to
try & be sent home.

Nina, by the way, is now teaching Art at the English
school in Haifa, which she enjoys very much. Children of
all ages & English, Jews, Arabs, Greeks, & all kinds of
Europeans - she says the Greeks are easily the most
intelligent & talented. But she is afraid her ideas
are too modern for the Head mistress!

On Sunday, I went to Nathanya with Arkin to the opening
of a new Soliders Home & Canteen. His brother in law,
Ben Anni was of course the prime mover - but it
all gave me the impression that Ben-Annis had it all
worked out as to how much good in business this
desirable publicity would be to him. Maybe I am
being unkind & unfair. They all gave the impression
of being overjoyed to see me & tried to persuade
me to stay this night - but I am quite sure Arkin
has told them how I [?] him around & generally
push him about. The best part of the day was a bathe
we had in the sea. It was a very hot day, but the water
was just nicely nippy & it really was lovely.

The weather is really incredible. You will remember
me telling you how cold it was. I had actually
stepped into woolies & was wearing service dress at
night. And now I am wearing the bare minimum
again & feeling damn hot at that. But the weather
will break properly any day now.

I'm afraid I'm feeling pretty browned off with work
at the moment, & I think the main reason is
the H.Q. staff of this new Area I am in.