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Captain J. H Massey
No. 6 Palestinian Company. The Buffs
Middle East Forces
28th January 41

Letter no. 15

My darling sweetheart-
I have just received the first letter I have had from
you - & in this you start off by saying that you had rather mixed feelings
on having my cable from Egypt. My feelings are very mixed too. You can
understand why - I am so happy at having a letter from you, & hearing
the things you have to say - & at the same time, it is one year
today since Lisa was taken away from us. Anniversaries do not mean
very much, when we are talking about her every day of our lives,
but this is the first one, & I have lived through every minute of that
weekend & so very few days last year. I know you must have been
doing the same & feeling very low & sad. Dearest darling, I wish I could
have been with you. God bless the dear, sweet little soul. She will
never be forgotten.
Before I start talking about your letter & other things - I must talk
about your cable of a few days ago - "Baby due May 25th". Very well
all love." I called you to say how happy I was - & it is wonderful
news darling, & I do feel so happy, & thrilled - & for you too. You must
have thought I had had some of your letters & knew. But you
should have put it in your first cable. And now I am writing
you only now for the first time about it - & when you get the
letter, it may be March, & the baby coming in two months or
less. Oh I do hope that now I have had a cable & a letter in
one week, this will be the beginning of better times, that I shall
have a letter every week or two. You will be very careful, won't
you darling? I know you will. And I hope you have seen a
specialist - the one you saw in London before, if it is May 25th
that is the full nine months. I hope it will not be as

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