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long as this. The specialist did say a shorter time didn't he? then
it will be much easier for you. You are a sweet brave darling,
& I do hope you feel happy about it.
But you are a funny person too. Your letter does not say a word
about it. Though I suppose that was just a matter of luck, even
though it was the first letter you wrote to me after getting my
first cable. But I must tell you. This first letter I have
from you, is dated Nov 25th - & is marked 13th letter. So there
must be 12 letters wondering about the Middle East, looking
for me - it is infuriating, though I always knew this must
be the case. Of course, that address we were given at
Oswestry, was an absolute bugger - there is no other word for
it - & is enough to mislead anybody. I wrote to the Cheshires,
the Worcester, G.H.Q 2nd Echelon, & A.P.O 725, giving them
my address each time I moved. Nothing has happened yet - &
I now expect I shall get a bunch one of these days, which
will be lovely - but I should have liked them one by one,
& starting a long time ago. I am praying for them to come
soon - there must be so much in them I want to know about.
I have called you today to write by sea mail - I think, on the
whole, it will be quicker this way. But different people have
different experiences - & it is hard to make up one's mind. It
all seems so much a matter of luck. But I think, soon
Italy will be wiped up altogether, & then everything will
come spinning through the Mediteranean again.
Your letter was from Bishops Stortford. I thought you might
be staying with Elinor. I'm so glad, darling - at least it
will be easy going & no strain for you & you can do

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