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exactly as you like. The finances sound very rocky - & I wonder
if you will still be there, now, or when this arrives. I think I
will send this to Betty's again, until I hear from ^you again what
your address is.

It was glorious & wonderful to hear in your letter that you
miss me, & that you love me & that you long to be in my
arms. I have been waiting nearly four months to hear these things
from you. It is a terribly long time, & I had so much time
to think, & though very nearly all the time I knew you loved
me as I love you - just now & again, I felt that I was
not worthy of you, & that you might suddenly realise that
too. Or that there might be some awful misunderstanding about
letters. But now I have your letter, & I feel like a young
man in love again. It's almost like meeting again. At least, we
have now made contact - & I feel things are going to be
much better. I move from here shortly - but they will follow
me quite easily, as I shall be in the same country, & it is
only a small country.
You wrote in your letter about us all helping your Ma, financially.
Of course we must, darling - & I wrote in a letter in December
about this, that you must do whatever you think: I do hope you
received this. And I hope that what we can all do will be
enough. It is a shame for her - she has been so used
to being generous & helping people & I hope she will not feel
bad about being helped herself now. There is no need for her
to do - because I know I feel very happy to be able to do
something. We shall be better off, now I have this job. As
a Captain. my pay is increased by £1-4-6 P.M & if

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