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I become a Major, which I think I sahll, my pay is increased
by £5-8-6 pw - less income tax. So you see.
About this Major business, you will have heard by cable, before
you get this, whether I am or not. But I think it is pretty
certain now. I have had to work very hard for it & absolutely
go for it, & generally put my weight about. I found this company
under the temporary command of a Lieut on the Depot Staff
here - & I think the idea was that I should gently work in
with him, until a Major cam to take command properly, &
I should then be 2nd in command . The lieut was a very
nice fellow & very helpful, but I hardened my heart & went
my own way, & pushed him clean out of the picture, & he
was reseated to the Depot Staff on the third day. I then
proceeded to let everything up in the company's straighten
out a whole lot of things which had been left to lie - &
also introduced a number of my own ideas - & after about a
week, I sought out an opportunity, & asked the C.O if I
was going to get command. He seemed a little surprised
at the directness of the question, & asked me if I thought I
could managed it alright. I told him I was quite certain
I could, & told him why. So he said he would speak
to the Military Secretary about me. I heard a few days later
that he had remarked that that chap Massey certainly
got hold of the reins, & on with the job so I had another
word with him the next day, & he told me he had
recommended me. And on Saturday morning, he told me
that a captain was coming any day now, as 2nd in command.

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