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someone who was in the last war. And a Major is arriving
tomorrow, & is being posted to another company, which is going
out from here after us. So barring accidents - there I am.
Major Massey. And you - Mrs Major Massey! I shall be very
thankful to have my own show - I hate being told what to do,
& I'm quite confident I can do the job better than anybody else.
And the time will pass so much quicker. And the money will
be so useful. I don't want any more to spend at all
but we can do a little more for your Ma - & we can save
some to start you again after the war. And you my darling, must spend
just what you want to spend.
I don't know whether you have been getting Bank statements, &
following our finances at all. But it is all becoming a bit complicated.
On the boat, I had no field allowance, which is 2f per day. At
the I.B.D. I had. Here, as we are in huts, & gira beds &
chairs, I have not. When we leave here, we go under
canvas again, & so I do. But - in any case. I have
paid into a Bank out here - so you do not really need
to worry. I have arranged for my pay to be paid
into Martins. But from time to time I draw £5,
from the Field cashier, that is eventually deducted in
England. So I do not know what you will make of it.
Anyway, when my rank etc is decided, I will write
Gordon Mitchell fully - & ask him to tell you all about it.
Up to now, on aggregate, i seem to have spent rather a lot

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