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£90 in 15 weks - which is £6 pm. But the leave in Cairo was
expensive - & I bought you some nice presents, which I loved
doing, and I hope they have or will arrive - & I had to buy
quite a number of clothes & bits of things, which added up. But
I seem now, to have settled down into a steady £3 to £3-10-0
p.w - which is not so bad. And of course, that includes
mailing & everything - except cables!
And I dont want to spend any more, if I can help it. If I have
to be away from you - I just want to work, & write to you, &
read as much as I can, & have a few drinks - preferably by
myself, unless I meet someone I really like - & I hope, see
something of the country. There is a billiard table in the Mess,
which I have not played on yet. ther is a fine cinema, but
I have only been once - they have such tripy films. and the
Mess itself browns me off. So here I am.
I have been to Jerusalem twice - but had no chance to
see anything much, as I was on business, to see Area A.C
And I have been down to Jericho twice - we may be
spending a few weeks there shortly. It is a hell hole.
The lowest place on earth, bar name - 1400 feet below
sea level. Almost entirely barren, & near the Dead Sea,
of course. I expect I shall be telling you more about
this place. Though there did not seem to be a big
lot to tell you - it is so very barren. Even in winter
excessively hot during the day - & they tell me, bitterly cold

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