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at night. I was in Jerusalem on Monday - yesterday - & when
I was in H.Q - who should walk in but Charles Kidwell. You
remember him - Adjutant of the 7th. He, poor man, has had a
most unromantic war. 10 months in the Western Desert, & then
just as things were hotting up, he hotted up too, & had an attack
of boils all over himself. He was just getting better, whenhe
slipped getting into a bath, & broke his wrist. It seems they set it
very badly, & he was up in Jerusalem to have it broken & set
again. It was pleasant to see him again. He told me that as
Adjutant of the 7th, he reported that Capt W. Bronley Davenport was
not fit to command. Fat lot of notice they took.
I must begin to stop this. My last letter was posted on the 19th. I was
going to write on Sunday - & then went to Tel Aviv with Ben Ami. Tonight
I have come down to the Company Office, after dinner. That Mess does
brown me off - people yap & chatter too much - & I cannot concentrate
at all. And now it is nearly 12 - & I must be off to bed.
Darling it was lovely to have a letter from you. And I am thrilled
that you miss me. I miss you so very much. I will write
again in a day or two. I willhave less news then - & will
just tell you how much I love you.
I think I will send this by sea mail - & I hope it
will arrive in decent time.
I love & adore you my darling Barbara-

Always, your Harry

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