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Letter No 43 Sunday May 18th Major J.H. Massey
6 Palestinian Coy The Buff
Middle East Forces
My own sweet darling-
Isn't it a ghastly life being parted +
away from each other? You have spoken two or three times
in your letters about how difficult it is to realise + remember
that we were once very happy together in our own home +
with out darling Lisa Life has been unreal ever since this
war began The first two weeks of war with me working
much too hard + us both wondering if + when the call
would come + if Peter + Pickstone intended to try to get
me off or not And then the call up when I was
in Belfast I shall always blame myself for telephoning
you about that + not working until I returned It
must have been an awful shock for you alone in the
house + late at night I like to think that I have
progressed in the feelings of sensibility instinct + under-
standing since then when I was too immersed in work
+ business + commerce ; at least I should not just
ring up now if I could about a thing like tht
And then the change from being practically my own master
to being junior subaltern of the Bn + being buggered about
+ insulted by Bradley Davenport + Daniel And then the
tragedy of December + the dreadful tragedy of January And
then all the moving about from place to place + you
coming up + going away again Rover Oulton Park- checks
infirmary Potter's Liverpool Warren point embarked on
leave Gohowen + now this where you cannot come
to it is now eighteen months since it all began + all
that is left is that we love each other very dearly
+ very deadly which I suppose is much - very much
But oh to be together again when we are

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