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my darling we must realise + understand all the time
that we love each other I love you + you love
me - that we are happy + lucky we must always
realise it even if we have to quarrel to do so
But it will be better neve to quarrel Argue +
fight but never quarrel
But this barren existence away from you my sweetheart It
is utter misery + I am consistently miserable + unhappy
+ just longing for you there is such a colossal
difference between being with you + not being with you
To hear of Peggy + Kenneth having a week's leave
together - it just makes me sick with envy
+ must go to bed nowI have had a most
unsatisfactory Sunday - except that I stayed in bed
until 9.0 on this Sunday morning- working +
waiting for certain things to happen But I wanted
to write about being miserable -I wanted to get
another letter started anyway
Love + kisses - dearest Barbara xxx Harry
Monday -19 May This is more of a diary than a letter
because it is now 10.30 + my mosquito net with a bed
underneath it looks very inviting this morning I was up
at 6.30 worked hard + then for the first time was
President of a Court Martial at 10-0 Everything
went very smoothly + it was all over at 1.0 was really
too smooth + I was very annoyed at the poor showing
put up by the Defending Officer you remember how
hard I used to work sailing about on my bicycle
with all the books + papers under my arm + the
amount of thought + effort I put into ---my

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