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cases so much that I got a rocket from Bloody Davenport
+ was stopped sleeping out with you the least Well the
young man was milk + water + made no real effort
at all I am going to push in a report tomorrow
All this afternoon I did this morning's work And this
evening I had to go out + see the Marines about a
job And then I called on my Hospital Ship which was
in again this time with some scars having been
barbed + machine gunned And then a most remarkable
thing happened I think in my last letter I told you
about Jack Perrott Well I was within 200 yds of the
barracks when I passed three officers + one of them
looked like Jack - but I thought it was impossible
+ then I stopped my car deciding it was better to
appear foolish than to live in ignorance or uncertainty
they had just gome into a house but I caught the
last one + said "Is that Perrott" - + it was
it is rather incredible isn't it ? He had been
living in that flat for 6 weeks which shows just
how much I get around We were very pleased to
see each other but I could not stay long + will
be seeing him again in a day or so And then
I had dinner sandwiched between some more work
+ now I am here
Dear Tony my second in command has now gone sick
which is no help at all It is bloody the way these
peole cannot take it I suppose I am very lucky
having such a stolid constitution I must say I feel
very well + healthy + I work 10 times harder than
anyone else I have all the responsibility too But
the last thing I expect to do is to go sick

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