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I must be stopping darling - I feel very sleepy + very
dirty too + Chojnajki has a hot bath ready for me
You said in one letter I was always gassing about
my allusions! im sorry my sweet but you tell me
to be careful + look after myself - + bathing seems to
be so important And I enjoy my baths too
I think they are the nearest I get to sex To
see myself naked + think of all the lonely times
we have have had + before during +
after bathing sweetheart And you have instructed
me about my hair too + I am doing what you tell
me Twice a week I rub oil in like hell +
then wash my hair - it seems fine It is very
annoying because Vaseline Hair Tonic has now been
out in the Middle East I racked my brains for
a substitute + found there is no similar product
And then I had a brain wave - I think + hope + I
am now using liquid paraffin for the stomach It
is oily + pure + does not smell I was so then
pleased with my idea And now to bath + bed
Hugs + kisses sweetiepie xxx Harry
Tuesday 20th May I had another p.c from you today dated May
you reduced me to the rank of Captain in the address which
was a funny thing to do darling And you did not call
me darling or send love + kisses But thank goodness
my letters had started again - 6 in one week as you
say it is tantalising And I never received your calls
to say you had had no letters from me for over 6
weeks I wonder if you sent it C.N.F. or whatever
it is they are just useless + a waste of a bad

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