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And then the news about Amy - she really is a fool
it is obviously another mistake - + she must surely realise
that Geoffrey Dawson is a rather unkind + very
selfish young man - he has those two bad qualities
of Vernon's + very little of Vernon's chasm - is
also rather boring + silly which Vernon never is
what a girl- I should have thought Christopher
was better Wretched C- I feel sorry for him Has he
done anything wrong in particular ? or has Geoffrey
just swept her off her feet? It was just like her to
forget that you were soon to have a baby + suggest
coming to stay with you until her silly affairs are in
order I hope you havent softened your heart + allowed her
to come anywhere near you - she would only worry +
annoy you.
I am dying to have a cable from you preferably with the
news about the baby- but if not that with news about
how you are + when you expect something to happen
As you have said darling one this war has something
to answer for if only that you have had to have two
babies alone without your lawful wedded husband to
support + help you And especially when we think of the
summer when you were having Lisa that lovely 2 weeks
at Llandudno after my illness we made love every after
noon + every night the whole two weeks Marvelous
days the only blot do you remember? was when you
had a letter from the young man in the rep. coy
with whom you had been supposed to be having
lunch in London your letters were our one trouble
that summer I was very jealous but you must
admit it was annoying- you were a bit annoying
+ bloody independent about it all!
And I remember so clearly meeting Gordon + Eileen

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