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in [?] that night - love again when we were in
bed- very carefully + very gently You were sweet to
me my darling You must have been so lonely +
cold in bed all these months poor sweetheart
And then the drive to Horsforth I cannot remember
either why it was the Wolsely + not the Ford I
think the Ford must have been broken or in
for repair for remember Keyon's ^car brought you
+ Lisa back from the home
Those were very happy days I hope + pray you will be
rewarded + compensated with an easy time this time
If only Lisa + I could be with you Oh darling
you are quite right I should have gone to the General
about coming out here What with compassionate grounds
+ my transfer to the 7" all lined up + Zag wanting
me I would have stood quite a good chance
And we were foolish to think you might get out here
it is (1) A.I.M.N.S. only I too hope to have some
words with Bramley Davenport when I come home
I keep saying that I will tell you about this
barracks but there is much that I cannot +
may not say + in any case it is not so inter-
esting But it is very large + vast + I am master
of all I survey + in addition to being O.C. my own
Coy I am now O.C. the Barracks too this entails
much more responsibility + work but no more
pay I am afraid But it is all the more limelight
+ so all to the good- unless I make a mess of
Wednesday May 21st I'm afraid I dried up rather abruptly
last night But I fell to thinking about you + things

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